Profile of the dental surgeon in the public health network of Santa Maria/RS and the perception of the work process


  • Amanda Bonafé
  • Thiago Gargaro Zamarchi
  • Paula Fontoura de David
  • Aline Kruger Batista
  • Lenise Menezes Seerig


Aiming to evaluate the profile of dentists working in the public health network of Santa Maria/RS, Brazil, and analyze their perception about service conditions and the new financing program for primary care, a study was conducted with 27 dentists working in the municipal public health network. This work is a qualitative quantitative cross-sectional study with participation of the professionals to verify socioeconomic variables, work process and their perception about the change in financing of primary care. This information was analyzed descriptively. The research results found more experienced professionals, with graduate degrees and a longer time working in public health. Many of them have complementary activities and consider their remuneration to be regular. In the professional practice they consider important to have technical, relational, and personal skills, and report facing challenges mainly related to management (lack of materials and delay in repairs), users (high demand) and the practice of the profession (lack of appreciation). Not everyone was aware of the new funding for Primary Care - Previne Brasil Program -, so there was no consensus about the benefits and harms of its implementation. Considering the lack of research in this area, this study did not aim to exhaust the theme, but to stimulate new research. Knowing the profile of professionals and their perception of the work process is important for the development of public health policies. Thus, it is expected that the data collected, and the results presented when they reach the government, contribute to the qualification of services through the training of professionals and to assist in the planning and implementation of policies that enhance the dentist’s role in public service.



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Bonafé, A., Zamarchi, T. G., de David, P. F., Batista, A. K., & Seerig, L. M. (2023). Profile of the dental surgeon in the public health network of Santa Maria/RS and the perception of the work process. Disciplinarum Scientia | Saúde, 23(3), 93–105. Recuperado de